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UV Filters For Personal Care factory
Chemical Name: 2-Ethylhexyl-2-Cyano-3, 3-Diphenylacrylate
CAS No.: 6197-30-4
EINECS No. : 228-250-8
Chemical Formula: C24H27NO2
Molecular Weight: 361.48
StructureUV Characteristics
Appearance: Transparent yellow vicious liquid
Storage Condition: Preserve under tight and light-resistant condition
Package: 25kg plastic drum 、200kg Steel-plastic barrel or 1000L IBC container
Octocrylene is an oil-miscible UV-B filter for use in suncare preparations. As it is miscible with many cosmetic oils, it can easily be incorporated in the oily phase of an emulsion. Because it is hydrophobic and oil-soluble, it is preferred for water-resistant and water-repellant formulations. It is particularly recommended to combine octocrylene with other oil-soluble UV filters to obtain high SPF values. A further feature of octocrylene is its excellent photostablity, and its ability to stabilize avobenzone.UV Filters For Personal Care factory

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