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A new year of League of Legends means a slew of changes from champions and to the rosters of the clubs challenging for the Summoners Cup and to the Summoners Rift itself. One aspect of the game that hasnt morphed over the years, however, has been the drafting phase of the game -- but that might soon change.Currently, the two teams fire bans back and forth until six champions are left off the table. From there, the blue side picks the first champion it want in its composition, and then the red side counters with two picks of its own. At the end, to counteract the blue side from getting the theoretical strongest champion on the board with the first pick of the draft, the red side gets the final choice -- a position that is normally used to try to counter the opposing team, with the blue side having its lineup already set in place.All that could be different in 2017, however, with a possible 10-champion ban system being implemented for the new season. Unlike the current iteration, the draft phase could become a staggered draft, meaning it would flip from banning to picking champions to back into banning champions -- before ultimately picking the final champions for each teams composition out of the remaining champion field.While the image of the drafting process might not be entirely correct -- the blue side would not only get the first champion selection but the last, as well, effectively negating the balance of the draft -- its possible a variation of the staggered draft will make its way into the professional scene for the start of the new campaign. With the amount of champions in the game growing by six to eight each year, it seemed inevitable the draft would need to be expanded.In a world where the 10-ban staggered draft is implemented -- but with the red still getting the final pick of the draft instead of the blue -- it would change the entire complexion of the professional scene. Players with minuscule champion pools would almost certainly become extinct over the next year; while being able to play two to three champions at an elite level has been doable for the past few splits, it would be almost impossible in the new system. While teams could prioritize those players ahead of the rest in the drafting phase every game, that player would eventually become an anchor to the team, pulling down the rest of the club along the way.The winners of the change, as cited by OGN caster Christopher MonteCristo Mykles, would also just so happen to be the region that has won the past four World Championships in dominating fashion: South Korea.[Ten] bans in LoL is only going to make the gap between Korea and the West wider, due to deeper champ pools of KR players, said Mykles on Twitter. Now there is basically no hope of Western pocket/comfort picks, and many NA/EU players can just be completely banned out. R.I.P. [CLGs] Huhi.This change would almost seem like a gift to a player such as Lee Faker Sang-hyeok. After revolutionizing the mid lane with picks such as Riven when he was a rookie, he has been itching to bring unknown champions to the spotlight with his immaculate touch. The extra bans would simply allow Faker to open up his Pacific Ocean-sized champion pool to swallow up teams whole. Weve already seen what Faker can do on unorthodox champions against mid laners armed with their top choice. What happens when Faker gets to play against a player who is on their fourth- or fifth-best champion? The answer is a continuous montage of gray screens for the opponent.Additionally, the drafting change would make the game more complex. With Riot reinforcing lane matchups to spite lane swapping, the scene has been missing the depth it once had. The drafting changes would make it so that games could be decided, now more than ever, in the pick-and-ban phase. A good drafter -- be it the coach, in-game leader or committee -- could become stronger than the sum of its parts, with smart drafting and picking at the weak points of teams.Last season, the Immortals team had trouble in the drafting phase but was able to overcome its shortcomings by being more talented than a majority of the field. The mishaps in the draft would catch it come playoff time against the best teams in the league, and in this new system, Immortals would be even more open to attacks from smaller clubs.Perhaps in the current system, a certain team could never hope of beating a club with more firepower; adding four more bans, however, with a staggered draft, will separate the simply talented teams to the all-around great ones. As always in League of Legends, its adapt or die. Vapormax Flyknit 3 Homme Pas Cher .  Aside from the trilogy main event title fight, there are a number of intriguing matchups in the heavyweight, welterweight and lightweight divisions. Vapormax Plus Blanche Pas Cher . LUCIE, Fla. . The third-ranked Ivanovic, who won the event in 2008 and 10, served five aces and broke Wickmayer, also a former winner in 2009, five times. "The result looked easier than it really was," Ivanovic said. Vapormax 2019 Homme Soldes . Malkin got tangled up with Detroits Luke Glendening early in the third period and his left skate took the brunt of collision with the boards behind Pittsburghs net. Vapormax 2019 Pas Cher . The All-Pro lineman got the leg bent under him while trying to make a tackle during the first half of a 22-20 overtime loss at Miami on Thursday night. The medical staff initially thought hed torn the ligament, and the test a day later in Cincinnati confirmed it. ZAGREB, Croatia -- Alexandre Lacazette kept alive Lyons slim hopes of reaching the knockout stages of the Champions League on Tuesday after scoring the winner in a 1-0 victory at Dinamo Zagreb.But Lyon will still travel to Sevilla needing to beat the Spanish side by two goals to reach the last 16 of Europes top competition. Sevilla slumped to a 3-1 home defeat by Juventus in the nights other Group H match.In a game with few chances for either side, Lacazette broke the deadlock in the 72nd minute with a neat finish in front of an empty net, steering home Rafaels low cross at the far post.ddddddddddddJordan Ferri could have put Lyon in front earlier in the game when his shot from the edge of the area took a deflection off Lacazette and hit the crossbar. Fernandes also hit the woodwork for Zagreb.Before its final match in Group H, Lyon sits in third place with seven points, three behind Sevilla. Dinamo is out of contention, without a point or a goal. ' ' '